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Fic: Forever Yours 2/? (Bering and Wells) 
6th-Jun-2013 09:21 pm
Bering and Wells; Rope Tricks
Title: Forever Yours
Author Anne/Drumchik84
Rating: NC-17
Summary: An alternate return for HG Wells
Disclaimer: Yeah, not mine. Otherwise they’d be sexing each other up already.

While Myka was in the library, Helena had returned to the Warehouse, a bookbag draped over her body. Mrs Frederic had ordered her to go and pick up an artifact, which she had dutifully done, and now she was back and anxious to see her lover.

First however, she had to contend with Artie.

“Hello, Artie. How are you?” She smiled at him sweetly, hoping they could get the pleasantries out of the way quickly and she could go and find Myka.

“How do you think? We have a madman out there and now he has a new friend to play with.”

“Right, well, nice to have the little catch up. Where might I find Myka?”

“She’s in the library.” Artie glanced at the bookbag. “Don’t you need to catalogue that and put it back?”

Helena sighed. She just wanted to see Myka. “I was ordered to keep it upon my person until Mrs Frederic or a Regent retrieved it from me.”

Artie was about to wave her away when an alarm sounded in the Warehouse. Artie immediately stared at the sector and his blood went cold. “It’s the library.”

Before he could move, Helena was gone, her only thoughts of Myka.


Pete, Claudia and Steve had heard the alarm go off. Claudia had discovered the alarm came from the library, and they arrived at the same time Helena did. Myka was lying on the floor, blood pouring from her gunshot wound.

Helena let out an anguished cry and slid to the floor beside her lover, trying to assess the damage. Claudia stood in place, horrified at what she was seeing. Pete stripped off his shirt and pressed it against Myka’s wound, and Steve got on his Farnsworth to tell Artie what had happened.

“Myka…” Helena cradled her lover’s head in her hands and finally rested it in her lap. “You’re going to be fine, darling.”

“You’re home,” came the faint reply.

Despite the tears in her eyes, Helena smiled down at her. “Yes, love, I’m home. Darling, who did this? What happened?”

“Sutton and his new friend.”

Pete looked at his shirt over Myka’s wound, which was rapidly becoming soaked with blood. He looked up at Helena with a look akin to resignation. Helena glared at him and she began to gently stroke Myka’s cheek.

“Steven has just gotten onto Artie. Help will be here soon.”

Myka looked up at Helena, her own eyes shining with tears. “I’m not going to make it that long.”

“Yes, yes you are,” Helena countered. “You’re not going to die, Myka. You’re not.”

“You have to promise me something.”

“Anything, love.”

“You have to promise me that when I die, you won’t destroy the world.”

Helena’s face darkened. “You’re not going to die.”

“Promise me, Helena. Please.”

“I promise.”

Claudia had sunk to the floor and Steve’s arms were around her. Pete glanced up at the doorway where he saw Artie had arrived. The older man shook his head. Pete couldn’t look at Myka’s face.

Myka felt light-headed, and her vision was darkening. She took a deep breath. “Helena, I need to tell you something.”

“Just rest, Myka. Just rest, everything is going…”

“I love you.”

Helena’s eyes widened as she looked down at her lover. Myka smiled a watery smile.

“I love you, Helena. I’m completely and totally in love with you and I’m sorry I was afraid to say it before, but I’ve never said it to anyone and I…”

Helena brushed her thumb across Myka’s lips, silencing her. “I love you too, darling. I am so very much in love with you. Please, Myka, don’t leave me.”

“I’ll always be with you.”

Helena could do nothing but watch as Myka’s eyes slipped closed. She let out an anguished cry of “No!” Pete took his hands off Myka’s body, just staring in total shock at the sight before him. Claudia started to sob, Steve rocking her gently. Artie stood in place, unable to fully process what was happening.

Helena began to rock Myka’s body, as if willing her to come back to life. Her eyes looked up at Artie pleadingly. “Find an artifact. Anything. Do something!”

Artie looked at her helplessly. “I can’t.”

“You mean you won’t.” Helena stared down at Myka’s lifeless body, and she continued to rock her softly. “Myka…Myka please, don’t do this to me. You know there is nothing for me but you. Myka…”

Pete sat with his head in his hands. “She’s gone, HG. She can’t come back.”

“What about the metronome?” Helena asked. “We could…”

“It was destroyed,” Steve finally got out, as Claudia’s sobs became louder.

Helena looked down at the woman in her arms. This could not be the end. It could not be. She refused to live in a world where Myka Bering did not exist. “Myka please. Please don’t leave me.” She continued to rock the woman.

Pete tried to move closer, to take Myka’s body somewhere, but Helena hit at him with her hand.

“Stay away from her!”

“HG…she’s dead,” Pete told her. “She’s gone and she’s not coming back.”

“There must be something we can…” Helena froze and looked at the book bag lying beside her. She pulled the book out of the bag and stared at it.

“What is that?” Claudia asked.

“The Egyptian Book of the Dead. It can bring people back to life.” Helena took off her jacket and tenderly rested Myka’s head on it.

Artie stared open-mouthed at her. “You can’t use an artifact.”

“Watch me,” came the reply, as she sat down beside Myka’s body and opened the book.

“No, I can’t let you.”

As Artie moved towards her, Helena pulled out her Tesla and gave him a charge. He fell to the floor. Pete, Claudia and Steve looked at her in shock.

“The next person to try and stop me will receive the same treatment. Even you, Claudia,” Helena warned, as she watched the redhead crawl and check Artie’s vitals.

“You Tesla’d Artie! You think Myka would’ve wanted that?” Pete growled.

Helena flipped through the book, looking for the right page. “I don’t know, Peter. Do you think Myka wanted to die?”

Before Pete could jump forward and attack her, Steve grabbed him and pulled him back.

“Wait. Let her do this. It might get us Myka back.”

“It bloody well will, otherwise there will be pain and suffering for all those who did this to her,” Helena said.

“You promised Myka that you wouldn’t destroy the world,” Claudia said, tears in her eyes as she stared at Myka’s prone body.

“And I will keep that promise. But for those that hurt her, I made no promises. Now, everyone keep quiet, or I shall make you.”

Helena kept one hand on her Tesla, as she began to chant. Pete, Steve and Claudia watched as a bright light started circling around them. Helena continued, her eyes every so often flicking over to Myka’s body, until finally, the light exploded into Myka’s heart and the woman woke up with a gasp.

Helena tossed the book aside and took Myka in her arms, rocking her gently. “It’s alright, darling. Just relax. I’m here.”

Pete and Steve watched, jaws having dropped to the floor at the sight. Claudia crawled over and put her hand on Myka’s ankle, the closest she could get without encountering Helena, who was possessively holding onto Myka as if she would disappear any moment.

“What happened?” Myka asked, her voice trembling.

“HG brought you back to life,” Steve said.

Myka’s head twisted up to look at Helena. “You did?”

Helena smiled at her, her eyes bright with tears. “I’ve told you before, my love. There is no life for me without you. It was either bring you back here, or me follow you there.”

Myka’s hand reached up and caressed Helena’s cheek. “I love you.”

Helena’s face lit up and she pressed a kiss to the top of Myka’s head. “I love you too.”

Myka leaned up and they kissed softly. She then looked around and saw Artie lying on the floor. “Oh god, what happened to Artie?”

“HG Tesla’d him,” Pete muttered, still in shock that his partner was alive and sitting in front of him.

Myka glanced at her lover. “Helena!”

“He wanted to stop me using the book. I refused and would not take any interference.” Helena’s hands tightened around Myka’s body. She could think of nothing else but holding Myka, feeling her heart beat strongly against the palm of her hand. “He will be fine.”

Claudia managed to squeeze in to hug Myka tightly. “I thought we’d lost you.”

Myka hugged her back. “You did. But I’m here now.” She looked up at Helena again. “What did you use? Am I going to experience side effects from this?”

Helena shook her head. “No. I used a simple incantation from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. If I thought something could have affected you badly, I would simply have followed you wherever you were going.”

Myka looked at her for a long moment, as if suddenly realizing the intensity of what Helena was saying. She nodded and kissed her again.

When Myka rose on her feet unsteadily, Helena supported her the entire way. Everyone stood up, except for Artie, who was still out.

“Pete, help me carry him somewhere,” Steve said. “We can’t leave him here.”

“I should get Myka back to the b and b,” Helena said, “she needs to rest.”

Myka lifted an eyebrow. “Honey, I just died. That’s enough rest, don’t you think?”

A flash of something flitted across Helena’s face, and Claudia remembered the woman’s earlier promise. She needed to tell Myka, but it didn’t seem like Helena was going to let her out of her sight.

There was a moan beside them as Artie started to come around. Claudia dropped to her knees beside him.

“Hey man, you okay?”

Artie rubbed the back of his head and looked upwards, to see Myka standing next to Helena. He frowned at the author. “You Tesla’d me!”

“And I would do it again.” Helena frowned. “Myka is alive, and that is all that matters.”

“To what cost though?”

“There are no costs. You don’t think I researched this book before I went to get it? Do you really think I would endanger Myka that way? You should know me better by now, Artie.”

Steve and Pete helped Artie stand up. He hugged Myka.

“I’m very glad to see you.” He turned to Helena. “But you…the Regents are going to want to talk to you.”

“Let them. I did what was right, and I’d do it again.”

Myka put her hand on Helena’s arm, hoping to calm the older woman’s ire. “Let’s just get back to the b and b, okay? We can debate the pros and cons of bringing me back to life at another time, but I’m starving.”



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